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What’s My Toothbrush all about then?

Forgot when you last changed your toothbrush? Let My Toothbrush remind you! We offer a quarterly toothbrush subscription service which allows you to choose from the leading toothbrush manufacturers in the market today...

Whether you’re subscribing yourself or your family, we offer a comprehensive range of toothbrushes to cater for individual needs. Place your order, we deliver, you sit back and smile. You can call us ‘the dental alarm clock’.

Why replace your toothbrush?

Toothbrushes can be breeding grounds for germs, fungus and bacteria. It is important to change your toothbrush regularly as bristles become damaged and the effectiveness of the cleaning is reduced.

Worn out toothbrushes cannot clean your teeth properly and may cause damage to your gums and lead to other health risks.